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11 mars 2009

Spam, spam och åter spam

Yisses vad många släktingar denna klient måste ha haft så att avsändaren var tvungen att använda undisclosed-recipients:; istället för att maila dem direkt och lite mer personligt, exempelvis att direktadressera mailet och nämna namnet i mailet. Fast då skulle det ju inte funka. Kan någon gå på detta? Förmodligen, annars skulle det inte vara lönt att skicka dessa spam.

// Annica Tiger

Reply-to: alfred.mafika@yahoo.com.hk
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: please contact me urgently
Its a fact that one of my client has been dead over three years now leaving behind (US$14.7M) in my bank here where I work, and due to his circumstances he did not leave any next of kin. Though, I was his personal accountant and till date nobody has come for claim. A search for the relative recently your name and email contact was among the findings that matches the same Surname as the deceases that died interstate with no Will or next of kin with our bank record. I want us to claim the funds with my influence as the entire document are in my possession. I could do all the crucial part in the bank to have the claim release.
Alfred Mafika.

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