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28 maj 2004

Nyheter om Internet

Spammarna i USA börjar få det hett om öronen.
Man kan hoppas att det påverkar spammängden
även hitåt till Sverige i förlängningen.
A New York state man who sent out millions of junk e-mails was sentenced to three-and-a-half to seven years in prison, the state attorney general's office said Thursday. Howard Carmack, known as the "Buffalo Spammer," received the maximum sentence for 14 counts of identity theft and forgery, a spokesman for New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said. Carmack sent out 825 million bulk e-mail messages using stolen identities and forged addresses, the court found, and was the first defendant to face charges under the state's new identity-theft statute.

En positiv nyhet om hur livet kan förändras positivt
när ny teknologi används var också intressant.
Yak farmers in the mountains of Nepal are using wireless internet technology to keep in touch with their families. They are taking advantage of a wi-fi network set up in a remote region of the mountain kingdom where there are no phones or other means of communication.

// Annica Tiger

Annica Tiger maj 28, 2004 8:46 FM